The Winery Spinsanti is situated in the hilly area of Camerano, a small town in the heart of Conero Natural Park and about 250 mt above sea level in the area of production of Rosso Conero doc.

In the Marches Region the vines have been cultivated for centuries. At the feet of the Conero Mountain, the vines find the ideal conditions for growth. The area is mild thanks to the presence of the Adriatic Sea and is characterised by a warm and dry climate with big difference in temperature between daytime and nighttime. The warm day hours and the cold night hours guarantee high levels of sugars and of aromatic substances, especially during the period of maturation; breezes from the sea, calcare, clay and sand in the soil contribute in making the Montepulciano and Sangiovese vines a wine with unique characteristics.

The wines produced have all the peculiarities of the climate and of the soil, in this way preserving regional characteristics. The result is a number of unique wines, which are characterised by a fruity taste; in spite of the high alcoholic strenght, the wines produced are elegant, refined, full of body and sweet.